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Team Fortress 2 - Tron style
Written by Unknown on 12.01.2011 Time 17:06

Do you guys remember the 1980's movie Tron? You know, the movie with the amazing visual style about a man being digitalized and to be forced to find his way through the cyberspace? Well, the long-awaited successor, Tron: Legacy, has been released in the US and will soon come out in the rest of the world. That's reason enough to create a skin pack for Team Fortress 2.

Credits goes to chandan1014 for being the creator of the skin pack, and Genjis for being our loyal Kotako informant (and not too shaby Shop Contest participant I might add)


Here are some videos to show the new skins in-game:

TF2: Tron Red Team v0.1



TF2: Tron Red Team v0.1


You can download the skins from this blog.


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