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Beta update brings test objects and item changes
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 12.02.2011 Time 13:26

Valve is tinkering again and released a new beta version with numerous gameplay changes to the community.

Countless items had their no-crit attribute removed and a 25% damage penalty added instead. Moreover, additional weapon attributes have been altered and made available for testing. Two new weapons also found their way into this beta. The quick fix is a new medigun sporting a 50% heal rate bump over the standard medigun. As no advantage comes without a disadvantage, this medigun can not overheal. The ubercharge boosts the heal rate to an impressive 300% of the normal rate on your target.

The detonator is the second new item. It is a flare gun that enables you to detonate your flares while they are still airborne, incinerating all nearby enemies.

The complete changelog:

  • Restored player health to normal values
  • Replaced the no-crit attribute with -25% damage on the following:
    • The Eyelander
    • The Gunslinger
    • The Southern Hospitality
    • The Powerjack (also added +20% melee vulnerability)
    • The Horseless Headless Horseman's Headtaker
    • The Ullapool Caber
    • The Claidheamohmor

  • Vitasaw
    • Added the ability to see enemy health
  • New Medigun - The Quick-Fix:
    • Heal rate increased 50%
    • Uber charge rate increased 50%
    • Not able to overheal
    • Match the speed of any faster heal target
    • Uber effect: Megaheal
      • Heal rate increased 3x on heal target
      • Heal target and medic immune to stun and damage forces

  • Dalokoh’s
    • Removed cooldown
  • Fists of Steel
    • Increase deploy times 20%
    • Ranged damage reduced 40% (down from 60%)

  • Loch-n-Load
    • +10% damage

  • Equalizer
    • Tuned high-end damage range so it's no longer possible to one-shot certain classes
    • Suppress the medic call effect while active

  • Madmilk
    • Heal 60% of damage done (down from 75%)

  • Flares always crit burning targets, regardless of range.
  • Backburner
    • Removed the restriction on airblast
    • Ammo cost increased 150% (4 blasts at full ammo)
    • Damage bonus reduced to 10% (from 15%)
  • New Flaregun - The Detonator:
    • Alt-fire detonates flare in flight
    • Does a small explosion that catches players on fire
    • 20% explosion damage vulnerability

  • Sydney Sleeper:
    • +25% increased charge rate

  • CombatText:
    • Added an option to display healing done over heal targets (hud_combattext_healing)
    • Display a value whenever the player does something that earns them a bonus point
    • Starting position of values is now affected by range to target, making it easier to see numbers when next to targets
  • Medic overheal effect is now more noticeable


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