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Meet the Voice Actors
Written by Unknown on 20.03.2011 Time 15:21

We all know and love the cast of Team Fortress 2: May it the weapons, the domination lines or the Meet the... videos, we know every detail there is to know about them - well, maybe not all of them. What about the voice actors behind each class?

Community member Ethercast created a comparison video for the voice actors of each of the nine classes as well as the Administrator, showcasting other roles they have played and voiced over the past 30 years (yes, some of them were working as early as in the 1980's).


Nathan Vetterlein (The Scout)


Rick May (The Soldier)


Gary Schwartz (The Heavy & The Demoman)


Grant Goodeve (The Engineer)


Robin Atkin Downes (The Medic)


I hope you understand now why No More Heroes is such a big deal among TF2 fans.

John Patrick Lowrie (The Sniper)


Dennis Bateman (The Pyro & The Spy)


Ellen McLain (The Administrator)


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