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The face behind the Shogun 2-Update
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 23.03.2011 Time 20:51

Since a fortnight ago, players are living up with the new Shogun 2-Update on the servers, which was realeased with Shogun 2: Total War. As often happens, Valve is not directly respnsible for the new items and weapons, but members of the Community who are rewarded for their inventivness and practical skills.

LaroLaro is the user behind the Update. Many of you might know him already by the Homewrecker or the  Tankbuster Polycount Pack. It happens that the user  Hectic Glenn from Halflife2net could gather a few minutes with him to ask him questions about his work and Team Fortress 2. Therefore, his answers are indeed interesting concernig his collaboration with Sega, or Valve's item policy towards the contributors.If you are a future contributor, be aware of the interview's ending!

You can read the complete interview in english here:

Interview mit LaroLaro


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