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The Saxxy Award Show!: Update!
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 09.06.2011 Time 00:02

The awarding of the Saxxy Awards has been taken by the TF2 community with vast interest. You could choose out of 18 categories. Wednesday next, the 8th of june, the time has eventually come: The winners are going to be announced. Therefor, Valve decided to start a live show. It starts at 3 pm PDT. Where and when we shall tune in ist yet to be announced.

The TF2 Award Show

Incidentally, Valve sets thereby a new record: The biggest ammount of prices awarded in the shortest ammount of time, since every 5 minutes one winner will be announced.

Of course, here is the brief  blog entry.


All right, it is going to begin: For all who want to join: here is the link!


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