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The Saxxy Awards - The Winners
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 09.06.2011 Time 03:31

As we reported previously, the awarding of the Saxxy Awards took finally place today - the first movie competition of the TF2 Community.  The winners were announced every 5 minutes, although all other videos that made it into the shortlist were presented, too. Those who could not join the awarding live for any reasons, ought not to be sad: you missed nothing more than some pictures with Saxton Hale and his bear, since all winning videos are available.

And now, the winners are:


Most Inventive Kill - Best Mid-air Murder - Biggest Massacre - Funniest Replay - Best Getaway - Best Revenge - Most Pwnage - Most Heroic - Best Set Design - Best Team Costume - Best Original Soundtrack - Best 30 second trailer - Best Coordinated Combat - Most Dramatic - Best Cinematography - Best Editing - Most Epic Fail - Most Extreme Stunt - Players' Choice - Best Overall


Most Inventive Kill

It needs a huge load of luck to perform such a kill, but it worked out for The Lime One from [LapFox] The Limie One.


Best Mid-air Murder


This scene is clearly posed, however, first, thats allowed and second, the taunt at the end is marvelous.Therfor, this video Spy in the Sky by Q. and Quark is worth an award.


Biggest Massacre


A shortmovie about sentries, which is cinematically very impressive. Above all the first-person-view of the sentries is surprisingly felicitous. Biggest Massacre indeed.


Funniest Replay


There was a lot of competition in this categorie, therfor "Hats Off!" to Failed Griefing by ArseGravy, whose movie has won. From all incidental kills surely one of the best and unexpected.


Best Getaway


The special thing of The Ninja Scout by Goronix is not the fact, that Scout carries the intelligence from A to B, but rather the way he does.i

Initially the scout avoids being shot by the sniper and the pyro (no damage takne, which is very important for a scout). After that comes the highlight: the scout uses a hideout, that was unknown even to me, one of the veterans who started with TF2 in 2007.

Only the video for "Best Coordinated Combaty" is better.


Best Revenge


Not everybody is able to do a similar stunt with the Force-A-Nature, that's why this video deserved winning: Scout Comeback by Kaedechtu.


Most Pwnage


First Annual Saxxy Awards Film (by Maso) shows what is possible as a pyro. Airblast with following finish with the flare gun, rocket ( and burning arrow) counter; everything is here.


Most Heroic


Teamplay is a big thing in Team Fortress 2.  Thus, the brave action by the medic helping his team to win is a dignified winner (uberblokK -The Medic Who blocked with an uber by .G(omez) ).


Best Set Design


In 'What is beauty?' by WilliamBoo ONEHOSTAGEEVERYHOUR shows the destruction of a whole base by a giant robot. The robot is not there by chance, it was firstly seen on an Engineer Achievement Map as a surprise - similar to the Cat with Laser Eyes.


Best Team Costume


Many people are complaining about hats and all the extra stuff - well, if there is any reasonfror it, then it is MIGHTY MEDIC UBER RANGERS!

Just for the occasion: another TF2-Power Rangers video.


Best Original Soundtrack


One of the best usage of the Promo Items - Saxton's Six won with good reason.


Best 30 second trailer


Heavy Endorsing Guy by Super Paper Smash Mansion Kart is a well done trailer, that combines the charm and the gags of the game with impressive camera shots. Or as the Spy would say: "Play a better class".


Best Coordinated Combat



Most Dramatic


The Spying by BMFISH Chris is a (for TF2 standards) rather good psycho-thriller. First of all the spy is pwned by everyone. But after that the spy kills everybody in a true spy way. Above all, the end is the best.


Best Cinematography


Saxxy Award Entry by Sauctaliens shows an Engineer, running through dozens of maps helping his teammates.

 It's worth to mention that the video resembles the style of  The Great Class Dash in some way.


Best Editing


"Best Editing".This categorie honours the best cutters, editing the movie and music in an impressive way. With other words: this is one the most demanding categories and  The Battle for DeGroot Keep by Heeere's Johnny won with a well executed presentation. But take a look at the video and ask yourself: How professional was the editing? The answer: Indeed, very professional.


Most Epic Fail



Most Extreme Stunt


Reflect! Reflect! Reflect! by [RMF]RIKUSYO shows an amazing stunt, where pyros reflect a rocket from one end of Badwater to the other one. This  reminds spontaneously of USK Mass Bots - this video deserved winning, since such videos have become a rarity.

Players' Choice


Badwater D by jig is by far the most sophisticated video of the whole competition. It is mostly covered by material from self animated classes, that were produced with external video software. It is one thing to cut replays together, but the animation of a full figure is very difficult.

However, that is not the first time where someone animates TF2 classes with Maya etc : Gogol-rush, Fun Spirit and pete the poivrot were produced similarily

Best Overall

This categorie is comparable to the "Best Film" of the Academy Award. Who is listed here, is THE winner of the competition.

The honour deserves El Muchacho by xlr105 -Chicken Eater-, who was seen as favorite beforehand - and stood the tes. The first version of the video uses "Ecstasy of Gold" as score - not directly free music, which actually denies the participation in the contest. Though, the producer did a special version with free music for the competition.



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