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TF2 Fanart Collection No.3
Written by Unknown on 15.06.2011 Time 17:21

It's been a while since we reported about any machinima or any other kind of fan stuff. Well, it can't always be suger and rainbows, right? Fear not though, for we have something new today: The third part of our TF2 Fanart Collection!



If you've never heard of this collection before, you can find part 1 and 2 here:

TF2 Fanart Collection No.1

TF2 Fanart Collection No.2


TF2 Fanart Collection Nr.3


Here is a list of all pictures shown in the video, in order of appearance:

  • Someone Else's Song by Lintufriikki (Source)
  • Evil Blu Engineer by agentscarlet (Source)
  • Spyyyy by Deuil (Source)
  • Fanart - Engineer by Crumbelievable (Source)
  • Commission 16 - Weapons Guy by ChiiWong (Source)
  • -BLU mom- by obsceneblue (Source)
  • TF2 Heavy Weapons Officer II by birdofyore (Source)
  • Plague Medic by Snook-8 (Source)
  • The Medic by zer03908 (Source)
  • Accordion by Jolon (Source)
  • Brothers for life by Lintufriikki (Source)
  • mornin' by Namakox (Source)
  • WANANANA by Lintufriikki (Source)
  • Distressed Pyro by Kakashi-kun (Source)
  • Heavy VS Sandvich Monster by Thelombax51 (Source)
  • Private Reconnaissance Unit by who93 (Source)
  • Sengoku Fortress by greenzaku (Source)
  • TF2: Haiku 1 by SleepDepJoel (Source)
  • Werewolf Fortress 2 by Thelombax51 (Source)
  • Credit to Team by penta-gram (Source)
  • TF2: Heavy Weapons Samus by SleepDepJoel (Source)
  • Ka-Boom at the Disco by Menaria (Source)
  • Deal with it, wanker by Menaria (Source)
  • Shotgun Heavy by agentscarlet (Source)
  • Firework by Indigo-sorrow (Source)
  • -After the battle- by obsceneblue (Source)
  • Demoman War Propaganda by Hermesgildo (Source)
  • Loyalties by Art1st4786 (Source)
  • An Apple A Day by RocketShoes (Source)
  • Hoovy Snipes Demo scout medic by Jade-Law (Source)
  • The Doctor Will See You Now by RocketShoes (Source)
  • Awkward by Lintufriikki (Source)
  • yeah.wmv by Lintufriikki (Source)
  • Madame Dixie by Lintufriikki (Source)
  • Swirly smoke is fun to draw by chinqua (Source)
  • TF2 - Demopan by Thelombax51 (Source)
  • -Commission SSM- by obsceneblue (Source)
  • The Mondieu by KaizokuOne (Source)
  • -HM- by obsceneblue (Source)
  • Team Billiards 2 by Jedi-Art-Trick (Source)
  • TF2 - Night of the 2Fort by Thelombax51 (Source)
  • doc and dove by Lintufriikki (Source)
  • -Mafia Bosses 1- by obsceneblue (Source)
  • -Mafia Bosses 2- by obsceneblue (Source)
  • Pokemon Fortress 2 by Crystal124 (Source)
  • Central Well Station by TheMinttu (Source)
  • "Cheers..." by Dolphinator45 (Source)
  • ...You Like Explosions?.... by Mykiio (Source)
  • Poker Night at the Inventory by Ginny-N (Source)
  • ffffff by Drexa (Source)
  • TF2 - Batter Up by TheMinttu (Source)
  • pyro for cal by Namakox (Source)
  • spy by botjira (Source)
  • THIS IS NOT RIGHT by Littlelinky (Source)
  • -Mama's boy- by obsceneblue (Source)
  • Team Fortress 2 by DJSIC (Source)
  • RED & BLU Team Go by Thelombax51 (Source) - (Source)
  • 2FORT by Kuroi-Tsuki (Source)
  • Meet the Medic by Lintufriikki (Source)


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