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Final Combat - or - how to make a complete rip-off
Written by Unknown on 17.06.2011 Time 23:34

Does anyone of you remember H.A.V.E Online? You know, that Korean game that had its fair share of similarities to Team Fortress 2? The game had a name change since the initial news and is now known as Microvolts. Despite the complaints of many people in regards of the trailer, the game isn't a compelte rip-off of Team Fortress 2 (Aside from the class system, weapons and HUD design, but c'mon, these are rather general).


Final Combat, on the other hand, is a rip-off, most definitely it is. I could list a number of similarities here, but I'll do some videos do the work. Look for yourself:


Final Combat - Meet The Rocket



 Gameplay Footage



The "Meet the Rocket" video may be original in that sense that it doesn't have any similarities to to the existing Meet the-Videos - something Microvolts was accused of back then (see comparison video). As far as gameplay and class design goes, however, the similarities are obvious - and that is not right by any means.

YouTube user thcrack created a comparison video, making the similarities even more appearent.


 Compare: Team Fortress 2 vs Final Combat (TF2 Ripped-off)


There is no official statement from Valve regarding this game, but we keep you posted on the issue.


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