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The TF2 Crafting Advisor
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 20.06.2011 Time 16:44

A new hat is needed! But what to do, if one's backpack is a mess and one is not sure which weapons are useful for the next games?


TF2 Crafting Advisor

Well, it is utterly simple! With the new TF2 Crafting Advisor! Visit the page, enter you Steam Community profil's ID and watch the system working.

First of all it analyzes your backpack and presents which items you could craft. Thanks to the system, doubled items won't be shown, just the ones that are still missing. That means that missing weapons are suggested. Therefor you can be sure not to craft items twice. Moreover you get percentage warranty for the chance of crafting a new hat.

Furthermore, you can protect you beloved items with the filters, in fact, you can decide that for example no vintage or equipped weapons are used for crafting. The structure reminds somehow of the  blueprint section of the related page TF2-Items.

The cheers goes to HLPortal-Webmaster King2500, who invested a lot of hidrotic work to satisfy the crafting-adict's needs.


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