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The ÜBER Update Day 1
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 21.06.2011 Time 08:56

"Welcome to Day One of the Über Update--the biggest, most ambitious update in the history of Team Fortress 2!". That's how Valve starts today's blog entry which is the beginning of the new vast update pack. In addition, the Meet the Medic has been announced humorously. The week starts with "Mobster Monday", with always 3 new weapons for the Heavy and the spy in typical mafia-style.

Neue Heavy WaffenThe minigun replacement ist the "Tomislav". It convinces with more silent and faster spin-up time(+75%)  but it fires 20% less faster.

"The Family Business" (image) is a shotgun with 40% more ammunition, but it deals 15% less damage. Finally, the Heavy gets something stout.

With the "Evection Notice", you gain 50% faster firing speed in line with a damage reduction of 60%.

Neue Spy Waffen


There is hardly a better style for the Spy, that fits so well: The first mafia-weapon is "The Enforcer", a 20% stronger revolver, that makes your escape harder, respectively increases the time for cloaking.

You can  wipe that flaw away with the "Big Earner". For every kill your cloak recovers by 30%. However that comes with a loss aof 25% of your health points.

The final item ist a pin rose, which you can lay upon your dead foes, just like a real Don.


For the upcoming mafia fights a new map has been added. Barnitz is a Payload-Map with a lot of barns and altogether 4 Control-Points. Hence you and your friends can enjoy the update, today is also the start of a one week "Free-Weekend"!

Though, who thinks that this is not enough should visit the new TF2-Blog. Aside with direct links to the offical TF2-Wiki or the Valve Shop you get more information about your favourite class ind the Header. Enjoy the browsing and we are looking forward for day 2!


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