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The ÜBER-Update Day 2
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 22.06.2011 Time 09:37

New day, new luck, new update page. Today is "Timbuk Tuesday" with oriental updates for the Sniper and the Demoman.

Neue Sniper Waffen

The Sniper, also known as "Sniper of Arabia" breaks first ground. He gets a new rifle as well as new melee weapon.

The Bazaar Bargain is a weapon for headshot-lovers. With every headshot, the charge is increased by 10%. In contrast, every bodyshot decreases the charge by 10%. Every missed shot means a total loss of the charge. In general, the weapon has a 20% slower charge speed.

The Shahanshah  is very similar to the Equalizer, but not that extreme. The weapons deals 25% more damage, when you won HP fall under 50% ( for the sniper: 62HP, or with the equipped Darwin's Danger Shield  75 HP).  Conversely, the weapon deals 25% less damage, when your HP are over 50%.

Neue Demoman Waffen

The next is the Demoman, who follows the slogan "1001 Demoknights". He gets a new shield, a new melee weapon and a new pair of shoes - yes that's right, shoes! Propably they are added to the misc-slot.W


The Splendid Screen gives a lot of protection to the Demoman.: 25% less damage through fire and 20% less damage through explosions. Furthermore, the damage dealt by charging your opponent is increased by 70%.

The Persian Persuader is a new sword for the Demoman and increases the recharge charge of shields by 100% The fly in the ointment is that every collected ammopack is transformed into healthpacks.

Ali Baba's Wee Booties are the new shoes and come with 25% more HP when they are equipped. Moreover, the shoes give full control over the movement when the Demoman is charging towards an opponent.


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