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The ÜBER-Update Day 3
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 23.06.2011 Time 12:09

Day 3 of the Über-Update follows the slogan "Word War Wednesday": Therfor the soldier gets new weapons and items.

But no Valve without an ace in the hole. Let's remember, day 1: 2 Classes were updated. Day 2: Even 3 classes got an update. Today just an update for the soldier? Well yes, though he gets 2 weapon packs. The first one is called  The General's Formals. It consists of new shoes and a new melee weapon.

Uber Update

The Mantreads are the new shoes. Wearing them makes you 75% more heavy. This concerns the pushing form the FaN oder the Pyro's backblast. Moreover, enemies you land on, receive 3 times more damage from this hit.

The Disciplinary Action is the melee replacement. Hit an ally, and you and your ally receive a speed boost for several seconds. In contrast, it deals 25% less damage.

The second pack is named Airborne Armaments and brings new stuff for every weapon slot.

The Reserve ShooterThe Liberty Launcher is the new rocket launcher. It's rockets fly 40% faster, however, it has only 3 Rockets in the clip. It seems like a mixture of Black Box and Direcht Hit, with normal damage.

The Reserve Shooter brings new abilities for the shotgun. The weaponswitsch is 15% faster. Moreover, in the first 3 seconds after the switch, you deal mini crits to airborne enemies. On the other hand, the clip is half the usual size.

The Market GardenerThe Market Gardener is the melee replacement. If you are in the air, you deal mini crits. Unfortunaltey it has no random critical hits.



Still one day to go on the update week. Then, hopefully, we will see Meet the Medic!


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