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Behind the scenes of Meet the Medic
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 12.07.2011 Time 21:19

Anyone being creative, or those who used to be ought to be familiar with this. You are gathering ideas over ideas, drawing, building but in the end everything's discarded. Though, it will be saved - perhaps it is useful in the future.

Nothing different with Valve. Meet the Medic was a long process full of ideas. Valve presents in a Best-Of some ideas that made it into motion pictures.



For example: The Spy, which is known only as head in the fridge, was supposed to have a longer apperance. Though, if you watch the video chronologically, you will notice that a lot of small pieces found their way into Meet the Medic.


In another  News-Entry Valve spotlights a wonderful animation by the community. It seems the Scout has a crush on "Miss Pauling".


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