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TC2C - TF2 meets TFC
Written by Unknown on 15.08.2011 Time 10:44

Gaming's best games (and some of Valve's games for that matter) started out as game mods. Both Team Fortress and Counter-Strike were both mods which has prospered thanks to Valve's support. If anything, Valve knows how to give players tools and supports promising concepts.

It shouldn't come to a surprise, then, that Tean Fortress Classic lives on as a mod. No, not Fortress Forever, we're talking about a second Mod: TF2C

TF2C is a mod for Team Fortress 2 which implements features from TFC into the game. The class-specific grenades are back, and some of the old TFC maps has been remade as well.


TFC2 Features Demo


TFC2 - Quality + Color Correction Test


If you want to try out the mo for yourself, you can play it on this server:




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