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Steam trading now available to users
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 07.09.2011 Time 12:11

After Team Fortress 2 introduced the trading system Valve kept further refining the idea. Today, they released a Steam beta update which integrates the trading system into the steam client. With this new system users can not only trade items within Steam games, but als the games themselves as well if they were purchased as a gift.

Steam Trading Live

Aside from Team Fortress 2, users can trade items from Portal 2 and Spiral Knights as well as of today. This list is going to grow substantially in the future. Valve wants to bring this new feature to all game developers and rumors suggest, that you will soon be able to trade your unused CD-Keys and money as well.

  • Added Inventory view on Steam Community profiles, to see your TF2 items
  • Added Inventory privacy controls to the Community profile settings page. You can also choose to display Steam Gifts with the rest of your inventory or keep them private (the default).
  • Added Inventory History page. Accessible from a link when viewing your own inventory, this shows past trades you've made.
  • Added drag-drop of items from your inventory into chat
  • Added bucketing of friends in the friends list – right-click on a friend as select 'Tag as…' to organize them into categories.
  • Added Brazilian-Portuguese and Bulgarian language support
  • Added a much improved dialog for when a game is being converted to use the updated content system
  • Added a new sound for when the other user ends a voice call
  • Updated the existing dialing/ringing sounds for voice calls
  • Fixed a case where Steam Guard would unnecessarily re-ask for activation in the Steam Client.
  • Fixed offline mode not working if there was no remembered password
  • Bumped skin version to 4
  • Fixed a crash if the audio device is removed during a voice chat
  • Fixed fresh installs not getting server lists from in-game
  • CPU optimizations for users with very long friends lists
  • Fixed the 'View Pre-Load info' menu item for games to correctly open the Pre-load info dialog

Those of you who are completely clueless now, should head over to the Steam-Trading-FAQ by Valve.


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