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Frag Video - Refusion Vol. 3
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 13.09.2011 Time 16:00

Exactly in the silly season, you have hard times finding Team Fortress 2 News. After the major updates and Team Fortress Free 2 Play, Valve geared down. That's why we decided to work on the item data base and other sections. Moreover, the Trade-System will be reconditioned and version 2.0 is hopefully soon available.

To fill the holes of the summer we are utterly happy, when we find community videos or other newsworthy posts in the forums. FreeZeR for example has a great new Team Fortress Frag Movie - Refusion Vol. 3 - which we want to introduce in that news. Feedback is welcome in the relating thread in the TFPortal-Thread.

Refusion Vol. 3



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