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Beta: Equipment-menu and Pyro-weapons updated
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 30.09.2011 Time 17:20

Valve uses the beta again for several changes. Already 3 days ago, suggestions by the community for the preset system were implemented. That means, you can bind different keys for the 4 weapon presets, what avoids opening the menu for the combinations. Furthermore, the Backburner's 10% bonus damage has been removed.


  • Updated the loadout preset system based on feedback
  • Updated the flow of the class select screen


  • Removed the +10% damage bonus from The Backburner

Undocumented changes

  • The Force-A-Nature, Huntsman, Direct Hit, Shortstop, Black Box, and Original now have hidden stats that disable character animations in the class select screen.
  • Fixed a bug where fractional stats were being mistakenly being rounded up in the weapon descriptions.
  • Fixed a bug where domination and revenge sounds originated from the world, resulting in significantly quieter sounds.
  • The Boston Basher causes self-bleed on a miss again.
  • Changes to loadout presets:
    • Added a hint dialog box which explains the concept of loadout presets when in the loadout or class select menus.
    • Added load_itempreset console command.
    • Added keyboard options to bind keys to all four presets.
    • Fixed Quickswitch, so that your changes don't get stomped by presets.
    • Quickswitch changes are now saved to the currently selected preset.
    • Added the preset UI (4 vertical buttons) to Quickswitch.
    • Changing presets in the class loadout screen, class selection screen, or Quickswitch causes you to respawn if tf_respawn_on_loadoutchanges is nonzero.
    • Enlarged the buttons a bit.
  • Re-added "taunt-switching" via a new server cvar named tf_allow_taunt_switch.
    • Set to 0, it disables taunt-switching.
    • Set to 1, it allows weapon switching at the beginning of the taunt.
    • Set to 2, it allows weapon switching at any moment during the taunt.

Yesterday (29.09.2011), more weapons have been altered in the beta. However, that concerns only the Pyro.


  • Damage increased 10%
  • Removed +10% damage bonus
  • Added -10% damage
  • Removed -25% burn damage


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