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Team Fortress Arcade
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 01.10.2011 Time 04:29

There are not many games out there that have more than one fangame made by dedicated fans. Gang Garrison 2 is a bit old, but still a great game. A second fangame joins the club this week: Team Fortress Arcade.

Made by Eric Ruth, the creator of the Left 4 Dead, Halo and DJ Hero demake, this game is an arcade-like game where you play on a total of 10 stages against enemies, complete with scrolling levels, continues and boss fights. The game supports up to 4 players locally. There is no online mode yet, but is planned to be included in the future.

All 9 classes are available and their unique weapons has been adopted into the arcade game perfectly. While things like sticky jumping with the Demoman, building a sentry with the Engineer and cloaking as a Sky have been added, some frustrating elements like self-damage from friendly rockets/bombs and fall damage have been omitted.



For more info, check out the interview with Eric Ruck himself on PikiGeek.

The game itself can be found here.


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