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The Manniversary Update - Part 2
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 14.10.2011 Time 16:27

The Manniversary Update didn't just bring new items, there is a lot more to come!

The second part of the news consists of information concerning the new Steam Workshop, a specific Interface, that is meant to make the publication of new items for the community more easy.

Steam Workshop Banner

What the heck is the Steam Workshop?

Steam Workshop is a new interface for do-it-yourselfers, designers ankd everyone else, who has a concept in mind. It is the point of intersection between developers, community and Valve.

Well, what can I do with that?

You create a Item and afterwards upload it to the  Steam Workshop hoch. Therefore Valve and every(!) user is able to see and rate and comment it. Obviously, this is not just for fun, but for bringing very special content into the game.

Do I get something as a reward for uploading things to the Workshop?

Particularly not.

You have the possibilty of receiving Feedback by many users and Valve employees. However, if your Item is good enough for the game, you shall receive a little "payoff".

You, as developer, won't be left out in the cold! For every purchased Item form the Mann Co. Store , you receive a little amount  disbursed or credited.

So, everyone presenting their new ideas in our forums should think about presenting them in the Workshop!

Indeed, you won't get more than bad Feedback.

Allright, I want to contribute but how do I get started?

Of course Valve is prepared for that question and created a very detailed and informing page where you shhould find answers to your questions. Moreover it includes links to great pages for modeling and work with textures. It is definitely worth a visit!


That was our little introduction of the Steam Workshop. We hope you will have a lot of fun with creating items and we are looking forward for a TFPortal Fan-Item!


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