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The Manniversary Update - Part 3
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 14.10.2011 Time 19:50

Here we are again. Here is the third and last part of the news series!

This segment comes pretty brief, though enjoy the new items and the little "Quick Fix".

Football Manager 2012 Promos

One of the most anticipated games is going to be released in October. Indeed, it is the Football Manager 12. Play as a coach of your favourite team and bring it to victory! Buy new players, employees and take care of the PR!

Well, a coach's life may be sometimes frustrating and hard. A perfect deviation is therefor Team Fortress 2, which is going to be assembled with Promo Items.

The set consists of football shoes with socks for the Scout, a nifty scarf for all classes as well as a noisemaker with the mellow sound of a vuvuzela.

Though, it seems the game may only be purchased in the usa USA. That raises the question whether the Europeans get a share of the pie as well.

We keep you up to date!

Little Fix for Manniversary Update bugs

Same procedure as every year.

This sentence fits for a lot of Valve's Updates. No Update without bugs, that need to be fixed immidiately. But Valve would not be Valve without a patch within the first 12 hours. In fact, the patch will fix some cosmetical updates and hopefuly the reasons for the numerous crashes that the playes had to experience.

Here the complete changelog:

Team Fortress 2
  • Fixed a problem with the Foster's Facade not correctly hiding the pyro's head.
  • Fixed a problem where loadouts would get reset under certain conditions if the item server couldn't be reached.
  • Fixed a common client crash when displaying items.
  • Items purchased from the store are no longer craftable.
  • Updated localization files.



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