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Night of the Living Update + Halloween-Songs
Written by Unknown on 23.10.2011 Time 13:11

As fitting as the title is, this is not an official Valve update. Their Halloween update is called "Scream Fortress".

"Night of the Living Update" is a Fake Update, but a good one. In this fake update, new items are revealed each day. There's a special twist here because the items are not revealed right away. Like in an old Adventure game, you must click on the items in the pictures first.

You can find the fake update here.

Ryu Ookami created a music track for this track, as well as anotehr Halloween-themed track. He's proven before that he can create some well-done holiday-themed music tracks, and these two are no exception.


Clockwork in Orange - Night of the Living Update OST




Zepheniahs Scrooge




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