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New Update - New Item - Item purchase via Web
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 02.12.2011 Time 10:37

One update after the other. Again, Valve released a rather minor, but not unimportant update. Beforehand: "Yes, there's an item too!" Moreover, a bug has been fixed, that caused crashes while watching demos. However, what's the significance of this update?

From now on, you will find  a example for the new "Buy Now" Feature by Valve on the official TF2-Blog. findet Ihr ab jetzt ein Beispiel, wie das neue "Buy Now" Feature von Valve aussieht. It is now possible to buy items for Team Fortress 2 via the Web. Therefore Valve takes on the one hand another step towards more independence from Steam in the marketing area and on the other hand: a new channel is used as well.

For those, who still have questions about the new feature, there is a special  Buy-Now-FAQ by Valve.

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    • Itsy Bitsy Spyer

      Say, Engie! Is that a miniature Spy in your pocket, or are you just happy to OH GOD STOP HITTING ME WITH THAT WRENCH!

The latest changelogs ordered chronologically.

Source Engine Changes (TF2, DoD:S, HL2:DM) - 30. November 2011

  • Fixed a client crash during demo playback

Team Fortress 2 - 01. Dezember 2011

  • Added the Itsy Bitsy Spyer
  • Added a "Buy Now" feature that allows item purchases on the web
  • WebAPI changes:
    • Moved IEconAssets/GetAssetPrices to ISteamEconomy/GetAssetPrices
    • Added new web API ISteamEconomy/GetAssetClassInfo for getting descriptions of items

Undocumented Changes

  • Added Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #33 and #34, and series #29 and #31 no longer drop.


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