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"Cuanta Vida" fancomic finished after 3 years
Written by Unknown on 09.12.2011 Time 23:11

Team Fortress 2 is over 4 years old, and even though is not as crazy popular like it was 2 years ago, there are still many dedicated fans playing it and making amazing stuff for it. One-time hits like A Team Fortress 2 Western, Mass A.I., Heavy Birthday ect. aside, some long-time projects enjoyed a high success over the past few years, while others were suddenly canceled. 

The Dynamic Action Team series made by B.M. Dennis (better known as Oxhorn for his World of Warcraft videos) were groundbreaking and set standards for TF2 machinima back in 2008, but no more episodes were produced after Episode 5 and a (sort of?) goodbye video. 101 Uses for a Dispenser was a nice, small series, but the last video was made almost 3 years ago. Spy Fiction promised to be an series with an interesting story and unique presentation, but the final part was never produced as a video, leaving only 3 videos behind.

Don't get this the wrong way though, it's not the end of the world if a sudden end happens, and it's totally understandable if the creators don't have the spare time to continue their series. Even so, there seem to be a few fans out there who still have the time required to dedicate themselves to the game.


Kritzkast, Nerf NOW! and hl2.exe are one of the few things that continued ever since their start all the way back in 2008. However, these also are rather popular and well-known to the majority of the community. Today we want to honor a lesser-known project that is just as old as the big ones: The webcomic Cuanta Vida.

(picture by Kytri and Vector Kitten)

This webcomic, created by Kytri, started on Oktober 18th, 2008, and has been updated each month without exception ever since. Aside from Nerf NOW!, this is the only comic to have lasted that long. No other hand-drawn comic or G-mod comic lasted that long, yet alone are still around.

The final page of the comic has been published today, marking the end of Cuanta Vida. Since making art almost every day is a hard job, and Kytri has proven to have lots of patience, this comic deserves a special mention at least once.

If you haven't read the comic yet, now's your chance to read it in its entirely in one setting.


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