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Machinima Monday: The Revengineer
Written by Unknown on 19.12.2011 Time 11:43

Good quality takes time - this is true for all kinds of things, including G-mod movies with proper animation. Some freaks make something like Law Abiding Engineer in 2 months, while others take up to 4,5 months to produce a 25-minute epic like Heavy Birthday (no seriously, when did you see a g-mod movie that was longer than 10 minutes?).

Today's video took 7 months to finish, and even though it's nowhere near as long as Heavy Birthday, it's still worth the watch.




PS: I'm planning to make a "Machinima Monday" news each week, featuring one video each. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me (azureguy) or post it on the list.


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