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CommFT Top10 Dezember 2011 - eXTV Wochen-News
Written by Unknown on 31.01.2012 Time 13:15

Frags, Frags, Frags. The month december in 2011 says helle again:  CommFT honoured the 10 best Frags again. Included is a Triple-Air-Rocket scene as well as 2 Scout-Frag-Runs, which completely destroy a whole team. Besides some beautiful Sniper-Frags you'll see proper Medic-Action, too. We like it. You hopefully too!

Yaoooooooo. At the end of this news, you might find the last edition from eXTV as well.

CommFT's Top10 plays of TF2 - December 2011

eXtravision: New items, LANs, Letter to Robin, Leagues & eXtv milestones



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