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Team Fortress 2 at the Insomnia45
Written by Unknown on 31.01.2012 Time 19:45

Those of you living in the UK might've heard of it before; the Insomnia Gaming Festival - better known as iSeries - is a video game tournament with many games in its rooster. Most of the popular tournament games are here:  StarCraft 2, Counter-StrIke:Source, Battlefield 3 and Fifa 12, among others.

The next event - Insomnia45 - takes place from May 4th to May 7th at the International Centre in Telford. Team Fortress 2 is included in this year's rooster as well and has its own tournament.

Registrations are still open and teams can score big this time around: The price money increases with the number of teams participating in the event. There's £600 for 8 teams, £900 for 10 teams, and so on. The winning team also receives free tickets for Insomnia46 which is held in August.

For more information about the tournament, see the official site.


Banner - TF2 is Back for More at Insomnia45


If you're not living in the UK and/or are not part of a competetive team, don't worry. The finals of the Team Fortress 2 tournament, as well as the finals of all other games' tournament, will be streamed via Insimnia's Channel on Fireplay.




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