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TF2012 - Four big announcements from the TF2 blog
Written by Unknown on 03.02.2012 Time 12:46

You wanted some news from Valve? Now you have them en masse! We've given four big announcements in the newest blog post.


Top Secret

First off, the obligatory "we're working on a little surprise" entry. They won't give us any details, but confirm that the secret will not be a new hat or a new map.

The obvious candidate would be a new game mode which is long overdue: The last game mode added to the game was the Medieval Mode which was introduced in December 2010 - that was over a year ago.

And before you say it: No, it's not Meet the Pyro, because they actually announced that as well.


Meet the Pyro comes in 2012

After last year's Meet the Medic, Valve is planning to bring the Meet the Team video series to an end with the release of Meet the Pyro this year. I predicted that all the way back in 2010 in my TF2 Retrospective, and even though it was an obvious joke, it's still a pleasant surprise.


Second Annual Saxxy Awards

Meet the Pyro is not the only highlight for video fans today. Valve also announced the second annual Saxxy Awards. Valve's TF2 video contest resulted in a ton of good videos last year, and this year will hopefully not be any less spectacular.

There is no date for this year's Saxxy Awards yet, but it may as well take a few more months until submissions are open. In case you want to prepare yourself in advance, be sure to read the rules and FAQ from last year which may or may not be any different this year.


Steam Workshop

Last but not least, the Steam Workshop now has its own blog. Aside from Workshop-specific news, visitors also can view all the entries made by the fans (whose total number has passed the 4000 mark recently). What's more, creators can add additional images and videos to their entries.

The Steam Workshop will be used for games other than Team Fortress 2 as well: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim supports it and allows game mods to be uploaded to the shop, and other games are planned to be included as well.

There's a steam group for the workshop as well


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