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TF2 Update on February 9 2012
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 10.02.2012 Time 06:56

Once again, Valve released a minor update the brings a new item for the Scout as well as a few bugfixes and an enhancement for ctf_doublecross.

The new item is the Boston Boom-Bringer, which is in fact a Ghettoblaster for the Scout (Misc-Item). The item came directly from the Steam Workshop and has a significance: When the radio is equipped, it play a little melody while taunting. Overall, there are 4 different melodies that shall terrify the enemy.

Many already existing items have been enhanced with the update. Among others, the reloading animation of the  Winger has been fixed. There was a issue in first-person view. Moreover, the  Hero's Tail and Bonk Boy have new styles now. Eventually, some item's "equip regions" have been changed (undocumented).

Furthermore, a few more items, e.g. the Planeswalker Goggles, Pilotka and Nanobalaclava are now available for painting. More paintable items are in the changelog below.

Finally, we answer the question of the bugfix and the map enhancement: Heavy-Bots are now capable of spawning on Commentary maps. The map enhancement means, that the spawning rooms on ctf_Doublecross, have been altered. That ought to stop the "griefing".

Below, you find the complete changelog:

  • Added The Boston Boom-Bringer
  • Fixed the Heavy bots not spawning in the commentary maps
  • Updated ctf_doublecross:
    • Added a respawnroom visualizer to the dropdown spawn exit to prevent griefing
  • Updated community and promotional items:
    • Soda Popper: improved model and texture
    • Winger: fixed first-person clip reloading
    • Apparition's Aspect: updated mesh to reduce clipping with many hats
    • Hero's Tail: added an additional style that more strongly responds to paint
    • Bonk Boy: added an additional style that leaves the Scout headphones visible
  • Additional items are now paintable:
    • Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe
    • Planeswalker Goggles
    • Pilotka
    • Nanobalaclava
    • Cold War Luchador
    • Cremator's Conscience
    • Dashin' Hashshashin
    • Desert Marauder
  • Relaxed equip region restrictions for the Earbuds so that they can be equipped with anything
  • Lokalisierungsdateien aktualisiert
Undocumented Changes:
  • Equip region changes:
    • Added "necklace" region to B-ankh!
    • Added "lenses" region to the Blazing Bull
    • Whiff of the Old Brimstone is now "grenades"
    • Add "hat" region to Brainiac Hairpiece.
    • Buzz Killer is now "Whole Head"
    • Cremator's Conscience is now "Grenades"
    • Added "glasses" to Professor's Peculiarity
    • Removed "Demoman_Grenades" region
    • Removed "Pyro_Shoulders" region
  • Backpack changes:
    • Updated the Soda Popper's backpack icon
    • Holiday Punch now makes fabric sounds when moved around
    • The Short Circuit and Virtual Reality Headset now make robotic noises when moved around
    • Triboniophorus Tyrannus and Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect now make squishing noises when moved
  • Silver Bullets no longer show the Sydney Sleeper bullets
  • The Blighted Beak, Pencil Pusher and Virtual Reality headset no longer fall off on death
  • The Brainiac Goggles no longer hides the Engineer's hardhat
  • The Brainiac Hairpiece was moved to a Misc slot
  • The Pencil Pusher, Sniper's Snipin' Glass, Clockwerk's Helm and Storm Spirit's Jolly Hat are no longer marked as paintable
  • Updated the materials of the Itsy Bitsy Spyer.


Have fun with the update and have a nice weekend!


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