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Machinima Monday: Featuring antoine35DeLak
Written by Unknown on 20.02.2012 Time 00:00

Machinima Monday isn't just for popular videos, the people behind them can and will be features here as well. Today's machinima creator hasn't created any new videos in the past few months, but we've never featured him on TFPortal before.


Long story short: Enjoy some videos made by antoine35DeLak, a French Team Fortress 2 fan.

Ever since Gogol rush and Fun Spirit we know that the French know their stuff, and these videos are technically-sound and entertaining as well.


Slap my ...



YTP : The medic loves his patients



be carefull of the razorback



be careful of the razorback 2



Modception entry : Chell after portal 2



Do you know a video or person that should be featured on Machinima Monday? Contact azureguy!


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