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Machinima Monday: Team Fabulous 2
Written by Unknown on 27.02.2012 Time 02:40

Those of you who visit TFPortal since 2009 might be familiar with the "Moments with Heavy" series made by kitty0706. The videos of the adventures of the heavy appeared at least once a year in our video news.

Today's video - Team Fabulous 2 - is by far the most ambitious, yet most hiliarious video ever made by the kitten.

We all loved the serious approaches of A Team Fortress 2 Western, Spy Fiction and Blue Team Suffers, but Team Fortress 2, at its core, is all about fun and crazyness with a touch of humor. Team Fabulous 2 offers exactly that: It starts out with one funny sketch after another, then shifts to a rather serious (but still funny) mood and ultiamtely ends with a moontastic finale.

Actually, forget the Saxxy Awards, we already have our winner this year (in the category Best Random Jokes at least).


Team Fabulous 2



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