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Machinima Monday: Featuring Courroux29
Written by Unknown on 05.03.2012 Time 00:00

Today's hidden star is Courroux29 (also known as Wrath) and his "TF2 Review" series. A medic tries to interview each class, only to end up playing as each class himself and end up in another failure after another.

The humor is solid and it's nine videos in total, therefore providing a decent amount of entertainment. It can be that simple sometimes.

Many thanks goes to Dano who suggested Courroux29 for today's Machinima Monday.

TF2 Review : The Scout


TF2 Review : The Soldier


TF2 Review : The Pyro


TF2 Review : The Demoman


TF2 Review : The Heavy


TF2 Review : The Engineer


TF2 Review : The Medic


TF2 Review : The Sniper


TF2 Review : The Spy

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