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Machinima Monday: TF2 comics narrated by The Beard
Written by Unknown on 02.04.2012 Time 00:00

The comics that come with the major updates are an interesting read, no doubt about it. Even so, a video with moving pictures and voice overs would be even better, right? YouTube user TheAmazingFidget was thinking the same thing and created the "narrated by The Beard" video series. All of the characters are voiced by Fidget himself. One panel is shown each at a time which makes this more like a diashow, but it's still entertaining if you haven't read these comics for quite some time. There are still some genuine surprises to be experienced in these videos.

The first video was covered by me two years ago, all other videos are listed in today's Machinima Monday article.



The Soldier's Offer, Narrated by The Beard



Loose Canon, Narrated by The Beard



The MannConomy



The Bombinomicon!



The War on Smissmas



Grordbort Two-For-One



The Mac Update



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