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Machinima Monday: Engie Apocalypse
Written by Unknown on 09.04.2012 Time 01:14

Ever heard of "Gmod Tennis"?This is not a custom game mode for Garry's Mod, neither is it a Gmod version of Pyro Tennis. Gmod Tennis is a collaborative effort of several people making short videos which are supposed to be seen as a whole.

Here's the catch: aside from a vague story, everything is improvised. Director A makes the first video, Director B must make the next part solely based on the first video, Director picks up where Director B finished, and so on.

Today's Machinima Monday features Engie Apocalypse, a Gmod Tennis project made by Gmodexpo, DarthChikiN, ManualMonaro, and iMcBohsta.


Oh, and happy Easter everyone ;)


Engie Apocalypse - Part 1



Engie Apocalypse - Part 2



Engie Apocalypse - Part 3



Engie Apocalypse - Part 4



Engie Apocalypse - Part 5



Engie Apocalypse - Part 6



Engie Apocalypse - Part 7



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