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Machinima Monday: Mixed Bag Collection Vol.1
Written by Unknown on 16.04.2012 Time 00:00

The Machinima Monday has become the one and only opportunity to show TF2 videos on TFPortal. Instead of posting one or two videos as soon as we spot them, we pack everything into this weekly column. It has worked well so far, but some videos have become a rare sight in the past few months: funny, non-story videos.

Since these videos are just as important to the community, I decided to pack them into a collection. The videos range from parodies and music videos to non-blockbuster machinima and everything else. These collections are, fittingly, called "Mixed Bag Collections", but not in a bad way. Instead of the general meaning of an average-to-bad performance, it indeed means a bag of videos of various types added to the mix.

But enough writing, enjoy!


God of War III TF2 Dub



Football Fortress 2



Go Cops!



The Dramatic Dispenser



Do you know a video or person that should be featured on Machinima Monday? Contact azureguy!


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