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Small TF2-Update from 18th April, 2012
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 19.04.2012 Time 17:06

For the first time in a long while, Valve released an "update of the update" for the update from 17/04/2012. The update fixes a few bugs and changes something on the vote system:

Vote caller history is now tracked by their SteamID to prevent vote cooldown exploits and players aren't able to disconnect before a successful kickvote to avoid being banned anymore.

The fixed bugs are (e.g.) the crashes caused by Loch-n-Load, the Spycicle bug causing the fireproof attribute not to work and the Quick-Fix bug, which enabled Pyros to push the Medic and his healing target while beeing ubercharged by the Quick-Fix.

Furthermore the Ghastly Gibus was changed so it now fits on the head of the Snipers aswell. Also the Black Rose knife was made tradeable...well...it should have been made tradeable but at the moment it is not. We expect Valve to release another update this night.

Here the complete changelog:

Team Fortress 2

  • Fixed a server crash caused by the Loch-n-Load
  • Fixed the Spy-cicle's fireproof attribute not working
  • Fixed the Quick-Fix's 'immunity to movement-impairing effects' attribute not being honored by the Pyro's airblast
  • Fixed the Quick-Fix not maintaining overhealed health
  • Fixed health drain happening faster for players with health above the normal overheal amount for their class
  • Fixed unusual particle effects not displaying correctly for the Pyro's Head Warmer
  • Updated the Black Rose so it can be traded 
  • Updated the Ghastly Gibus
    • Added LODs for all classes
    • Fixed the position on the Sniper
  • Updated the vote system
    • Vote caller history is now tracked by SteamID to prevent vote cooldown exploits
    • Fixed players being able to disconnect before a successful kickvote to avoid being banned

Undocumented changes

  • The Sharpened Volcano Fragment is bugged; it does not light enemy players on fire.
  • Fixed a typo with a Loch-n-Load tip.

Have Fun!


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