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Update brings Promo-Items for Super MNC
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 11.05.2012 Time 11:11

*UPDATE 11.05.2012*

Valve slid in a tiny Bugfix last night: Old demos and replays sohuld be displayed correctly again(some errors with wrong particle effects occured).

  • Fixed older replays/demos not correctly displaying certain particle systems
  • Updated localization files


You may call it routine that Valve connects an update with thr release of new TF2-Items. In fact, the last weeks were actually a flood of items. This time, Valve offers Promo-Items for Super Monday Night Combat. Super MNC is a Free-2-Play Strategy-Multiplayershooter.

Super Monday Night Combat Logo

Enough of introductory words, let's take a glance at the update. As mentioned before, Valve put items in the game once again. For the Scout, there is a new hat with two different styles, called the Front Runner. It is taken directly from the Steam Workshop. However, the Promo-Items concern only the Pyro and the Sniper. Both of the classes get a new hat: the Pyro may wander around with the Triclop, the Sniper might do the same with the Flamingo Kid.  The former is availabe in two styles as well. Moreover, the Mann Co. Store Package has been added. One get's this package as a reward for every purchase in the Mann Co. Store which exceeds 15€. If you use this bag, you will receive a random item.

  • Items Toggle View

    • Front Runner

      The Front Runner is a community-created headwear item for the Scout. It is a white sweatband with a team-colored stripe that pushes Scout's hair upwards.

      The item has two different styles, named "Stylin'" and "Indifferent". The former has the Scout's hair spiked upwards, while the latter has his hair matted down.

    • Triclops

      The Triclops is a promotional headwear item for the Pyro. It's a half black, half team-colored mask with three team-colored eye-holes for it, based on the Assassin's mask from the game Super Monday Night Combat. It is awarded to players who complete the All-Star agent achievement in Super Monday Night Combat.

      This item has two different styles called "Roasting" and "Blazing". The "Blazing" style makes the hat's texture reflective.

    • Flamingo Kid

      The Flamingo Kid is a promotional headwear item for the Sniper. It is a team-colored cowboy hat with a half skull, half heart symbol on it, based on the Gunslinger's hat from the game Super Monday Night Combat. It is awarded to players who complete the Rookie Agent achievement in Super Monday Night Combat.

    • Mann Co. Store Package

      This bag contains one free item from the Mann Co. store! You can open it from your backpack!

Beside the new items, Valve tweaked some minor things, that we do not want to investigate further. Therfor, take a look at the changelog:

Team Fortress 2

  • Added The Front Runner
  • Added new promotional items (Triclops / Flamingo Kid)
  • Added the UGC Highlander Season 6 medals
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented servers from reconnecting to the item server after dropping connection
  • Fixed a client crash when using custom main menu .res files
  • Fixed a bug that allowed buildings to be built in nobuild/respawn volumes
  • Added Enabled/Disabled inputs for the mapobj_cart_dispenser entity
  • Added ability for plugin authors to add custom colors in chat messages. Use either:
    • \x07 followed by a hex code in RRGGBB format
    • \x08 followed by a hex code with alpha in RRGGBBAA format

Undocumented changes

  • Added the Mann Co. Store Package
  • Added the Toss-Proof Towel to the item drop system


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