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Machinima Monday: About F2P
Written by Unknown on 14.05.2012 Time 00:47

It's been almost a year since Team Fortress 2 went Free-2-Play (next month is 1st anniversary). To reflect on this, we have a few F2P-related videos in today's Machinima Monday.

The videos show how you can enjoy yourself by showing new players who's the boss - and scare them off by overdoing it. There always exist two sides of a medal, though, and thinking of f2p-players as unworthy is very, very wrong. Yes, there are those who deserve it, but everyone deserves a fair chance, so think about it when watching the third video in particular.

Maybe you don't need this lesson, but then again the video game community bas become crazy bananas as of late. So remember: It's a game, and there are social beings behind the spies you're burning as a Pyro.

Special thanks goes to G-man.is.a.Spy who reconneded these videos to me.





The Vicious Cycle of F2



Team Fortress 2 - Depression



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