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Mini-Update from 11/06/2012
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 12.06.2012 Time 01:05

Valve released a very little update this night, which is only worthy for the Demoman. Besides a new item for him, there aren't any appreciable things comming with this update.

The Demoman found a treasure chest! And because a Scotsman doesn't like to leave his gold alone, he is carrying the Liquor Locker all around the battlefield. The new misc item comes with 4 different styles you can choose between. Let the Demo carry the treasure on his back, hips or belly. By the way, you can't open the Liquor Locker with a Mann Co. Supply Crate Key and there isn't an unusual hat inside it neither ;-)

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    • Liquor Locker

      The Demo keeps his fortune close to his chest: Specifically, on the other side of it, strapped to his back. You won't find money in it: Demo wisely invests in gold, which he then spends on rare cask-aged liquors, which he then usually drinks, which is why he keeps it locked and the key hidden.


If you are interested in the other minor changes, you can have a look at the changelog:

  • Added The Liquor Locker
  • Fixed a rare case where the offensive/defensive buff particle effects could get stuck on players
  • Fixed the Spy's cloak effect not working properly for The Texas Half-Pants and the Something Special For Someone Special
  • Fixed the Gentle Manne's Service Medal not being drawn when equipped
  • Updated some of the localization files

Undocumented changes

  • Added "tobor_a" item quality.


Have fun!


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