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New Update brings us Bananas, Cheese and Rumors
Written by Unknown on 20.06.2012 Time 16:29

Remember when Valve celebrated the 119th Update for the game? Valve was teasing it with a newspaper displayed in the game's main menu showing the number, yet not many people figured that hint out (I certainly didn't). With the 300th Update coming soon and rumors of a new mayor update showing up going around for weeks now, a new teaser is inbound. And the teaser is... cheese and bananas, among others.

Undocumented changes

  • Added Goldfish, Pocket Lint, Cheese Wheel, Banana Peel, Barn Door Plank, Secret Diary, and Damaged Capacitor
  • Removed the 'csrk' equip region and added 'crsk_left' and 'crsk_right' equip regions.
  • Updated the localization files

Yesterday's update adds a total of 6 new items to the game which cannot be crafted or found in a crate, but instead are only available as a random drop. The items in question are a Goldfish, a Pocket Lint, a Cheese Wheel, a Banana Peel, a Barn Door Plank, a Secret Diary and a Damaged Capacitor. These items are ingredients for a special craft, but what kind of item that will be is still unknown at this point.

  • Items Toggle View

    • Damaged Capacitor

      How did it get damaged? Who damaged it? What is a capacitor? Better get your tickets ready, because the mystery train is leaving the station. Or did it already leave? Another mystery!

    • Fireproof Secret Diary

      It's smoldering a little, but otherwise it seems okay. This thing must be built out of the same stuff they make ancient astronauts from.

Of special note is the Damaged Capacitor whose model has the number 6.22V written on it. This could be the date of June 22th, meaning that a new update is inbound for this Friday. This is just one of the many speculations and rumors going on lately, however they have one thing in common: It's all about technical components, strengthening the Man VS Machine Update rumors. There has been that "tobor_a" as well, which, if spelled backwards, says "a robot".

There has been a small bugfix update today as well, updating the bot navigation on the maps 2Fort, Gravel Pit and Dustbowl.

Undocumented changes

  • Fixed an exploit related to the listdeaths command.
  • Updated the localization files
  • Updated bot navigation files for maps 2Fort, Gravel Pit and Dustbowl


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