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Update No. 299 - The countdown has started
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 21.06.2012 Time 23:20

Valve released a little update this night. This is Update number 299 and now there isn't any disbelief anymore: the big mysterious update will be launched on Friday, 22/06/12.

This little update allows us to craft 2 Banana Peels together. Crafting two Banana Peels now results in an error message, individual for everyone. It seems like Valve wants to make the Community play Sherlock Holmes. If you want to know more about these error codes, you should have a look on this thread.

Here the complete changelog:

Undocumented changes

  • Added new attributes to the Eliminating The Impossible set.
  • Crafting two Banana Peels now results in an error message in Spanish, Finnish, and Welsh being displayed (The message roughly translates to: "Banana Overflow Error; Detailed Report" continued by a weird code. Every user seems to have a different code and message number which works somewhat similar to craft numbers). The Banana Peels will not be lost in crafting, however.


We are excited for friday!


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