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Update Day 2: City on Fire!
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 26.06.2012 Time 21:49

City on Fire

Day 2! Still 24 hours to go, before Valve will present the much-anticipated Meet the Pyro Trailer! Today's Blog-Update with the name 'City on Fire' gives us an outlook on hats and weapons that will be introduced with the update.

Public Enemy


Firstly, there is an Item-Set for the Scout, called 'The Public Enemy'. In fact, it turns the Scout into a bank robber. The set consists of the hat 'Artful Dodger'*, the money-filled bag "III Goten Gains'*, the sawn-off shotgun 'Baby Face's Blaster', as well as the secondary weapon  'Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol'. 




Urban Professional





Secondly, the Sniper gets a related criminal package, that makes him the definite Hitman. The Item-Set 'The Urban Professional' consists of the cap 'True Pro'* , the silenced SMG 'Cleaner's Carbine' and the sniper rifle 'Hitman's Heatmaker'.




Even the Soldier is not left out in the cold: With the Item-Set 'The Dumpster Diver' a new rocket launcher 'Beggar's Bazooka', a new helmet 'Gunner's Guard'* and two new bucklings(that can be transformed into grenades) 'Forager's Frags'* will be implemented.

Dumpster Diver


All three Item-Sets are taken direclty from the Steam Workshop. However, these sets contain even more items not listed in the blog post. That's why we didn't mention them. Although there is the possibility that Valve will implement the complete sets. For those who want to know, which other items may be added, have a look at the sets in the Steam Workshop by clicking on the respective set name.




Wait, a Pyro-Update without weapons for the Pyro? No, not at all! of course there will be new items for him(or her?) and one of them has been presented by Valve today: The 'Scorch Shot' is a Flare Gun whose projectiles have a knockback effect, similar to the projectiles from the grenade launcher.

Scorch Shot

Furthermore, if you scrolled down the Counter-Page, has probably found a tiny can next to the banana. By clicking on it, you are forwarded to a  new Valve-Comic, that deals with the homeless Soldier.

Well, that's it for now with the new (and obvious) information. If you find anything new and interesting, give us a shout in the comments!

*Hint: the items marked with a star still bear the names from the workshop. It is quite likely that they chang the names in the update.


Only one more sleep, than it will happen!


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