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Item-Fix Update from 05/07/12
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 06.07.2012 Time 11:43

Last night valve has released a little update which fixes many item-related bugs and also screws a little bit on the new map sd_Doomsday.

Noteworthy is the Rainblower taunt bug, which caused to attack enemies behind walls. This bug is now eliminated. Also it is not possible to call "Medic!" when wearing the Escape Plan anymore now.

Furthermore Valve integrated new reload animations for the Scattergun, Baby Face's Blaster, SMG and Cleaner's Carbine aswell as new recoil forces for the Beggar's Bazooka, Cleaner's Carbine, Hitman's Heatmaker, Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol and the Scorch Shot into the game.

See the complete Changelog for more details:

Team Fortress 2

  • Added new options for Pyrovision to the Advanced Options dialog
    • Added enable/disable for the HUD border
    • Added the ability to make the HUD border static
    • Added the ability to turn off the skybox depth of field
  • Fixed The Sandvich and The Buffalo Steak Sandvich using the wrong models when thrown
  • Fixed not seeing the blue team skin for the Robot Chicken Hat
  • Fixed not seeing team colors on the sleeves for The Equalizer and The Escape Plan
  • Fixed The Escape Plan allowing medic calls
  • Fixed The Beggar's Bazooka exploding on random targets in the world when overloading
  • Fixed The Hitman's Heatmaker bodyshot damage penalty affecting the Sniper's other weapons
  • Fixed The Amputator's radius heal effect applying to players who have The Escape Plan deployed
  • Fixed the Rainblower taunt attacking players through walls
  • Optimized the Rainblower taunt particles
  • Updated Sd_Doomsday
    • Fixed rocket lid staying open sometimes after a player drops the Australium on the lift
    • Fixed case where the lift could continue traveling up when a player with the Australium died at the same time he touched the lift
  • Updated the localization files
  • Updated the gamehaptics file:
    • Added recoil/reload/draw/crit forces for the Baby Face's Blaster
    • Added new recoil forces for The Beggar's Bazooka, The Cleaner's Carbine, The Hitman's Heatmaker, The Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol and The Scorch Shot
    • Added more detail to the reloads for the Scattergun, the Baby Face's Blaster, the SMG, and The Cleaner's Carbine

Undocumented changes

Fixed the Escape Plan appearing like the Equalizer on BLU team.


By the way, you should have received the Adult Swim Promo Code now, if you registered for the newsletter until 27/06/2012. Please contact Steam Support, if you didn't have received your code yet. If you have registered yourself after 27/06/2012, you might still receive your Robot Chicken Hat but later.

Have fun!


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