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Written by Unknown on 22.12.2006 Time 21:21

Long time has passed since we had our last news. Perhaps it has to do with christmas or just because there were no news about Team Fortress 2 in the web.

Therefore we present a small summary of the latest important news.

Steam broke down:

Due to severe storms all users were cut off from the steam service. Blackouts in Bellevue/Seattle (where Valve is located) caused a situation where all loginservers weren’t accessable. So Battlefield 2 was the most played onlinegame worldwide for a short time. Within 24 hours Valve changed the location of their servers and made it possible to login again.

Ingame advertisement in counter-strike:

There were long discussions about advertisement and it’s effect. Now Valve tries to use this kind of additional gain. From 01.01.2007 on counter-strike 1.6 will implement ingame advertisement. Right now this seems to be a really doubtful method. According to a survey the effect of ingame advertisement moves on a low level because most players just ignore it.

Retro day on giga.de - Team Fortress Classic:

Yesterday Giga.de had a Half-Life retro evening on their schedule. Besides science and industry also Team Fortress Classic was resurrected. The feedback was very impressive - probably because Team Fortress 2 will be present next year.


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