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Big Media Update
Written by Unknown on 05.01.2007 Time 14:58

Long the CTF area was neglected. Team Fortress 2 was quite presumed to be dead in the general public. From Team Fortress Classic Source was nothing to be heard. Other gamecreators have decided to give no big interest to Capture The Flag.

Then in April, 2005 it happened. The Fortress Forever team has published his first news. A modification according to the model of TFC should originate for the Half-Life ² engine.

In July 2006 came the surprise. The first screenshot of Team Fortress 2 was published. For the first time we had the confidence, that TF2 will come...

In the period from July to September Valve and the Fortress Forever Team made an exciting run. Whenever Valve published new material, the FF-Team made a media release behind. After that it became quieter around TF2 and FF again.

Now in 2007, the Fortress Forever team reports back. 29 Screenshots, a great sound file and a gameplayvideo of 4:47 minutes show us the progress which the Fortress Forever Mod have reached meanwhile.

What new things can we see? A lot... Two screenshots are released where you can see a new map which was unknown still up to now. Its called ff_DM. This Map was created by Mulchman.

Otherwise there are a lot more screenshots of ff_well ff_shutdown2 and ff_cz2.

In the video there are extracts of the classes and their abilities. There you can see, Bunnyjumping, the Pyro with flamethrower and Rocketlauncher, this poison of the Medic, a new (apparently) still unknown ability of the Sniper.

In the end of the video you will be able to see the new abilities of the spy. You get very well provided what this class will be able to do in Fortress Forever.

To good one last there is one more soundfile in the mp3 format.


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