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Steam Update coming soon
Written by Unknown on 07.01.2007 Time 19:10

As is to be read in the today's Steam update news, valve will publish some updates to the internal play platform Steam next week.

The new feature “Guest Pass” - a kind rental business service, that it makes possible to furnish a test entrance for the desired game to friends - will be the largest change.

In addition Steam will not download when starting the associated updates. This happens in the background now, so that you can log in directly in Steam without to wait. After completion of the Downloads Steam only asks if you would like to restart, so that the changes become effective.

There will be also the possibility to sort your “Game list” according to favorites.

But too good lastly that, on which surely already many have waited: Valve will implement five different standard Steam Skins and the users has then the choice to decide under the different looks.


steam - SteamUI_new.png - thumbnail steam - SteamUI_new_4.png - thumbnail steam - SteamUI_new_3.png - thumbnail
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