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Written by Unknown on 15.03.2007 Time 21:52

As we promised: A small summary of what has happened during the last days.

First of all: There are no news about TF2. But feel free to read the text anyway. :-)

There was silence around Portal, the game which is also included in the gamepackage with TF2 and Episode2. The website “Gameinformer“ used the stagnation and published some new screenshots and an interesting preview. Portal will contain 25-30 levels which means a playing time of 4-6 hours.

Gameindustry.biz conducted an interview with Doug Lombardi and Erik Johnson. They told intresting things about the evolution of steam. At first Valve only wanted to create an auto-update-function for their games. Later they noticed how much capability this project had. Yahoo, Amazon and Cisco negated a similar possibility of selling games, so Steam was born. Today many game developers get in contact with Valve to sell their games via Steam.

A few new features in Steam:

  • Improved multiplayer voice communication, now using a much clearer codec
  • First release of a completely reworked in game text chat to which now includes a chat history and a filter to only see important chat messages
  • Fixed not being able to use sounds, decals or models if they were downloaded from the server


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