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Classes, Maps and Gameplay *updated*
Written by Unknown on 21.03.2007 Time 16:39

<< After analyzing the preview once more, we decided to make an update. There are lots of more informations which we would like to present you. >>

According to PC Action we learn a lot about Team Fortress 2, it’s classes, weapons and so on.

First of all: The Black Box will be released on September 2007! Time to celebrate the TF2 Prerelase-Party! Cheers!

New informations:

  • There won’t exist „normal grenades“. Valve doesn’t want a sameness of all classes.
  • There will be teleporters in TF2. A dispenser will be available too.
  • A personal statistic system will be available. So the players actions will be recorded, ratet and commented while playing. Comments like “You have never done so much damage with your sentrygun” should motivate players.
  • It’s not clear yet how healers will be rated. Perhaps a healer will get points if his patient is doing kills.
  • After being killed the camera zooms to the murderer and freezes to heat the atmosphere.
  • Valve is proud of setting a clear deifference between all classes. So they smirk about games where you have to chose between a M16 and a AK47.
  • It is not clear if PC-players can play against Console-players. It is possible but depends on Microsoft and Sony.
  • Valve said that most fans reacted shocked but enthused about the new comic look. Charlie brown means that they recieved only a few threatening lettes.
  • Multicore-users have a (not named) grafical advantage.


  • Primary weapon: shotgun
  • Secondary weapon: pistol
  • Close combat weapon: baseball bat
  • Speciality: He is the fastest class in TF2 which can even jump while being in the air for a second time.

  • Primary weapon: rocketlauncher
  • Secondary weapon: shotgun
  • Close combat weapon: shovel
  • Speciality: can do rocketjumps (like in TFC)

  • Primary weapon: flamethrower
  • Secondary weapon: shotgun
  • Close combat weapon: fireman’s axe
  • Speciality: his flamethrower causes more damage the closer he stand to his enemy. This means that the pyro often waits for other players behind corners to roast them quickly.

  • Primary weapon: sticky bomb slingshot
  • Secondary weapon: grenadethrower
  • Close combat weapon: broken bottle
  • Speciality: His sticky bombs can even stick on walls. Holding the mousebutton makes them flying farther.

    Heavy Weapon Guy
  • Primary weapon: machine-gun (minigun)
  • Secondary weapon: shotgun
  • Close combat weapon: fists
  • Speciality: rightclick starts his minigun to rotate. Leftclick means shooting.

  • Primary weapon: shotgun
  • Secondary weapon: pistol
  • Close combat weapon: wrench
  • Speciality: Can build teleporters, sentryguns (3 levels) and dispenser

  • Primary weapon: submachine-gun
  • Secondary weapon: healing-ray
  • Close combat weapon: bone saw
  • Speciality: recovers his health slowly (like in TFC). Can use his Healing-Ray to heal teammates from longer distance. His teammate has to stay in visual range. Healing a teammate for a longer time loads an energy-bar. If it is loaded, the player can make himself and his teammate invulnerable for 10 seconds via rightclick. Robin Walker means that a Medic-HWG-team has a good chance to break through the enemy lines.

  • Primary weapon: sniperrifle
  • Secondary weapon: submachine-gun
  • Close combat weapon: bat
  • Speciality: Like in TFC he can charge his gun to cause more damage with his sniperrifle.

  • Primary weapon: revolver
  • Secondary weapon: cigarette case (which is a PDA for changing disguise)
  • Close combat weapon: knife
  • Speciality: He has a special tool to manipulate opposing sentryguns. He can change disguise like in TFC. (Note: “Invisibility” wasn’t mentioned in the PC Action. We only saw it in Teaser#2. But we also saw a medic with a syringe in Teaser#1 which isn’t actual anymore)

    maps & gameplay

  • Besides 2fort there will be a remake of “well”. This map has be changed a bit: Trains are crossing on the middle of the map.
  • There are completely new maps for the gamemode “Territorial Control". Four Controlpoints have to be conquered. After that the enemy base can be attacked. A random generator advices which part of the map has to be conquered. The team which owns this part of the map, has to defend it.
  • Capture the Flag becomes "Capture the Documents", instead of a flag you now have to steal a briefcase from the enemy base on 2fort.

    Episode Two and Portal are presented in a preview. Valve won’t publish any content of Episode Two anymore until it’s released. They don’t want to reveal too much, because there are only 6-8 hours of gameplay.

    Screenshots, interview and the preview can be found in the latest “PC Action” magazine, which has been released today.


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