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New screenshot
Written by Unknown on 09.05.2007 Time 15:19

CVG published a small video of an old interview they held with Valve. You can see Robin Walker talking about the Hydro map there and explaining that Hydro and its cappoints means 14 different playable maps in reality. In addition to this they present a new screenshot which you can also find in our gallery.

[quote]What we did notice is that this is not just a Battlefield type system with some control points 'locked'. When a point is not in play, routes to that section of the map are physically blocked off, so the physical shape of the map is different for every combination of points. That forces you to revise your mental picture of the map, and see it as fresh again.[/quote]
link to the original
link to the screenshot


tf2 - tf2_group_2_small.jpg - thumbnail tf2 - tf2_update_119.jpg - thumbnail tf2 - tf2_sam_and_max_special.jpg - thumbnail
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