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Another video
Written by Unknown on 14.05.2007 Time 18:30

After the interesting video which was published by 1UP.com last weekend, PC Games Hardsware released another video today. Unfortunately you have to register at the website to get the download startet . The video is called “character technology” and it shows the great face animations. At first you could see the heavy guy is presenting his minigun “Sascha”. Then he starts to get some action on the map Dustbowl. The video was presented for the first time on an ATI meeting end of April.

Unlikely its an exclusive video, so we can't offer a download. So gladly we would like to do, this time we have to to refer to our colleagues of PC Games Hardsware. If the last two TF2 videos are available in better quality, we will refresh our screenshot gallery.

Gamespot have also a version of that Heavy Guy video published. If you are a registered and paying member, you can see that video in high resolution. This time it is not recorded with a camera. For all people who aren't members of Gamespot is a possibility to see a Low-Res version of the fatty video.


Steam Media has published the original video now too.


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