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The Steam Community
Written by Unknown on 16.05.2007 Time 15:35

Valve gone wild. In the last few days they released a lot of new content to many websites and mags. Valve released some new details about their online platform Steam. They want to extend Steam to a huge community network.

The Steam Community, as the new project is called, all in all shall socialize the gaming itself and increase the forming of new gaming communities in a sustained way. Due to Valve, a big amount of players always play with new, strange participants without gaining contacts or friendships. That should be changed with the new Steam Community. Valve will include new features into Steam. All players will then be able to sort in groups where you can see the online status of your virtual comrades and also to get in contact with them. In order to be able to plan important games against other clans, the new system will have a calendar and a common chat included.

Furthermore Valve plans to create a personal side (like ICQ) for each player where you can find the player statistics. That has a further background: There will be another new function to join a server where only gamers are playing with the same skill like you.

In the end the most important message: Steam stays free of any charge. Thus it differs from community platforms like games for Windows Live of Microsoft.


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